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The Wayne Township Memorial First Aid Squad provides 24-hour emergency medical services to the Wayne area, all at no cost to the patient. Currently we have 5 fully equipped ambulances, 2 boats, towing vehicle, trailers, mobile ambulance bus and a heavy rescue truck.

The purpose and object of the Wayne Township Memorial First Aid squad shall be, in the case of an emergency, to care for injured, wounded, sick or infirm persons, in Wayne Township and elsewhere when needed, by giving first aid and transportation to places for medical care; to disseminate knowledge of first aid and rescue methods; to promote safety from accident and to engage in projects of like nature which may be necessary and are not prohibited by law.

All the purposes of this organization shall be carried on without profit or compensation to the members thereof with the exception of insurance coverage and benefits that are reasonable and necessary for the well being of the members or their beneficiaries.

Blast from the Past

Picture from 40yr Anniversary in 1983, Mayor Vergano is to the extreme right.

First Women on the Squad

Picture of Anna Ricciardi (Member #100) one of the 1st women on the squad.

Heavy Rescue Truck.

Picture of Extrication Crew after drill


The Wayne Township Memorial First Aid is the primary agency in Wayne Township for vehicle extrications

Extrication Demo

Picture of our extrication team performing a demo at Wayne Day

Rescue Ambulances

The Wayne Township Memorial First Aid Squad operates 5 Rescue Ambulances to keep the township safe